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An international event with all healthcare and digital stakeholders on 4 days to be inspired, learn and take action with one week-end to prototypate your idea with a multidisciplinary team. An extraordinary and fun event give you the ability to understand healthcare issues, find concrete solutions and meet all the stakeholders.

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During 12 to 18 months dive in innovation with our events : design thinking workshops, conferences, immersions, hackathons, learning expeditions...
Join the largest worldwide health hackathon to prototypate you ideas and meet all healthcare stakeholders in a outstanding event and take advantage of it to promote your innovative.
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tell me where's your pain, I tell you who you are

BigData, Artificial Intelligence on one hand, EHR and health apps on the other hand, health data is at the heart of innovation issues. How apps and algorithms will bring a better care for patients and improve health systems ? Manage patient pathway for better patient care and help him, anticipate readmissions, optimize outpatient surgery, help decisions and diagnosis, drive patients...

reassure me / insure me

Insurer's business model is to have the most of members in good health. Behavior costs is not the way and it's not profitable at the end. It's the patient follow up to prevent him from illness and take care of his pathology that improve member's satisfaction and in consequence profitability. Insurer's model can be significantly improved with digital by using innovative technologies for chronic care , prevention and education.

one day you will be old too

Aging patient care and self-sufficiency is a major issue now and tomorrow more. Today aging people will not be tomorrow's ones. How a digital born will live his old age with his digital knowledge ? Launch in the future when mobile phone will be deprecated.

beyond the pill

BigPharma business model based on drugs patents is not as profitable as before because of generics. However the mission of a laboratory is to help patient to fight illness. Drug alone is not enough, psychology and physic condition, adherance is really important for patient recovery. BigPharma must sell a care service not a drug and digital is the key to find innovative solutions.