collaborative and iterative


4 steps innovation

search for a business model

execute a business model

repeat until proven
product market


Acculturate teams and employees

  • To digital
  • To new working methodology
  • To creativity and co-construction

Organize a design thinking approach

  • Listen and understand patient problems (Empathy)
  • Analyse answer and re-ask (Define)
  • Imagine solutions (Ideate)
  • Prototype solution (Prototype)
  • Test the solution with patients (Test)


Prototype, experiment and validate with users on the field

  • Develop a functional prototype
  • Get out of the building and go on the field to meet end-users
  • Fail and learn most as we can to succeed
  • Building a continuous improvement process of your prototype by iteration to validate hypothesis extract from the field


Build a process to scale and validate the product / market fit.

  • Launch product marketing in the existing process, adapt it or improve it
  • Gain market shares and catch new ones
  • Measure and track to customize the product and confirm the product / market fit against competitors


Prepare company to customize existing process and adopt new ones

  • Secure process and optimize it to maintain and deliver quality product
  • Train and empower employees and hire best talents
  • Continue to measure and track customer satisfaction and keep it to have an edge over



HEALTH FACTORY builds solutions with an iterative approach based on experimentation

  • An iteration is a 2 days or 2 weeks period max
  • Iteration goal is to produce or improve a prototype by starting from an hypothesis
  • And to validate this hypothesis by experimentation


The process has a clear goal : find a product / market fit

  • Each iteration must define the next one based on the RESULTS
  • Cycle of iterations stop when a problem / solution fit is FOUND
  • The validation of a problem / solution fit is based on customer satisfaction and metrics