network of health digital experts

panel of services to realize projects with innovative technologies with the best experts on technical, legal, medical, entrepreneurial and design aspects


Engineer, developers, hackers, makers specialized in healthcare with agile skills, continuous deployment and integration skills, mobile iOS and Android skills, web development skills. Specialized on security and privacy of healthcare data (cryptography, secure authentication, anonymisation, secure data hosting). A fine knowledge of healthcare and hospital information system.


Healthcare lawyers, mastering all the healthcare rules and privacy by country.


Health professionals : physicians, nurses, pharmacists, ... mastering digital aspects and healthcare data issues with entrepreneurial skills in developing innovative solutions, clinical trials with large dataset, ...


Expert designers in healthcare, mastering design thinking approach, services and product design.


Entrepreneurs and consultants in healthcare, mastering business model development methodologies (business canvas, value proposition design, lean startup, customer development, ...) with strong experience in creating value for companies.